Philip “ParadoxDono” Vatistas


Philip Vatistas is one of the co-founders of Gamer Element and serves as CEO. This is his first business enterprise, which depends greatly on the hard work, dedication and tenacity of his ever-growing team.

He claims to have a tonne of b-roll stored — until he’s “practiced with editing/enhancing programs”, and feels “good with it”.

Philip doesn’t enjoy being called Phil but won’t make a “big deal” about it — however he would prefer “Paco” for short. He enjoys video games (LoL, Overwatch, GTA V), is a fan of cartoons & anime, and describes himself as a Rick and Morty expert.

Kevin “Amplefire” Narciso

Creative Director

Kevin Narciso has been behind a camera ever since he was a child. He would take family photos and videos, and decided to pursue this avenue and entered film school during his College days — here he discovered his passion for competitive gaming.

Kevin eventually became a semi-pro during StarCraft 2’s golden days and travelled across the world competiting. Soon, He realized that the stress of competition was too much, and decided to instead do media coverage for the eSport. Unfortunately, StarCraft 2 fell under and Kevin decided to carve a new path for himself by helping create Gamer Element.

Gamer Element started as a small YouTube channel, but it soon expanded beyond that. Video Games, Anime and Cosplay are synonymous, and therefore Kevin is willing to explore all of it with his team at Gamer Element.

Brandon “BrandonBold” Hanauer


Working at Gamer Element, Brandon is responsible for administration and scheduling of all interior and exterior communications directly involved with Gamer Element. Brandon also enjoys video and photo editing, and according to himself has done “some amazing edits”.

Brandon has a wide variety of interests — they include video games, cosplay, videography, photography, anime, and ‘old timey’ music.

Fun fact: Brandon is the only person in Gamer Element who’s nickname/tag relates directly to his personal name.